August 21st, 2008

The Photosynth Tutorial


Following up announcement of Photosynth I want to publish a small tutorial.

Creating the best synth starts with the right photos. This small tutorial will help you understand how to take photos that Photosynth can use to best advantage. Reading it could save you from taking a few hundred pictures only to find out later that Photosynth won‘t put them together the way you imagined.

  • Start small. Pick a simple subject first, such as a piece of furniture or a single painting. You should be able to make a great 10-photo synth in just a few minutes if you follow the tips below. Then move on to something more ambitious.
  • “The Rule of 3”. Each part of the scene you’re shooting should appear in at least three separate photos taken from different locations. This rule means that you are going to shoot a lot more photos for a synth than you would for any other purpose.
  • Panorama first, then move around. Start by taking a panorama of your scene, then move around and take more photos from different angles and positions. If you just do a panorama you won’t end up with a good 3-D experience.
  • Lots of overlap when shooting panoramas. You should try for 50% overlap on average between photos.
  • Limit the angles between photos. When moving around objects, try to get one photo every 25 degrees or so. That will make the synth work better. Larger angle differences on a subject won’t match up.
  • Shoot scenes with lots of detail and texture. The visual texture in the photos is what ties them together. A blank wall won’t synth. One with lots of art or posters will work well.
  • Don’t crop images. It confuses Photosynth.
  • Shoot wide shots. Photos taken from farther away, or with your camera‘s lens zoomed all the way out, reconstruct more reliably than closer shots. It‘s good to have close-ups, too, but you‘ll want to
    have good coverage of your subject with lots of nice overlapping wide shots.
  • Orientation. Make sure your photos are all right-side-up before you start synthing.

I hope this will help you a bit.


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  1. quiero aprender a usar Photosynth

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