August 24th, 2008

Adobe Lightroom 2 review

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Liz Masoner, Guide to Photography, has recently posted her review to Adobe Lightroom 2.0

Wow! Its not often I get really excited about new software but…WOW! If you want a program to organize your photos, develop them, output print packages, create slideshows, and start your web presence with a great web-based photo show this is the software for you! Unlike Photoshop, which is created for powerful editing, Lightroom 2 is for developing your images. Lightroom 2 allows you high-precision control over the color, light, tonal ranges, and even vignetting of your images. And then it integrates with Photoshop in those cases where you need pixel-based editing (such as removing a power line).

Read full review at Adobe Lightroom 2 review

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